Yes! We know that you might have a plethora of questions for us regarding numerous things, before you actually place an order with us. So, to clarify some of the many questions those are usually doing the rounds in the minds of the consumer before they buy a product. Given below are answers to some of the most general queries that you may have. They are as follows:

The Ordering and the Payment and Shipment Process

1) How can place an order with Pushiv Exports?

As you already know by now that Pushiv Exports deliver anywhere in the world, if you like something and wish to place an order with us, just fill in the enquiry form given on the website or mail to us your query about a product with the delivery location, the item code mentioned on the website or the shape, size and the desired design of the product that you wish to Customise as per you needs, and we shall revert to you with all the price related details plus the shipping charges, handling charges and the time to deliver.

The E-mail that you will receive shall have the following details:

• Product Size/Dimensions.

• Materials used- such as Marble/Granite/Kinds of semi-precious stones used, etc.

• Polishes and Finishes.

• Product Price for Indian clients in INR and for overseas clients in US$.

• Manufacturing Time.

• Shipping Charges for Indian and overseas clients.

• Packaging Information and Charges.

• After which, if you are satisfied with all the details provided by us you can revert to us for further proceedings or if you wish to get some other information you can also mail that to us at

2) Whether Pushiv Exports accepts credit/debit card online or not?

Right now this facility is not available, but you can make the payment through other payment gateways on terms that are mutually agreeable. Just drop in a mail and we shall revert to you in no time.

3) How shall I pay for my orders?

You can send in a check, demand draft, cash deposit or NEFT or RTGS at our corresponding address. We do allow payment made through PayPal, Paytm, Western Union, bidpay, etc. only and only if the terms are agreeable by both parties.

4) Do you take Payment in Advance?

Yes, we take the payment in advance. You would be required to pay us 75% of the payment at the time you place your order, and the remaining 25% shall have to be paid before the item is shipped to your desired location.

5) What is a Bulk or large Order?

Only when the order is of the value of US$ 50,000 or more shall we consider it as a bulk order.

6) Does Pushiv Exports Insure Products?

Pushiv Exports does not insure the products, but if the client wants to insure his/her products they we shall then allow that facility, the cost of which has to be borne by the client himself.

7) How do you deliver products by land, water or sea?

We use all the three means of transport, depending on the location and the required time to deliver the product. If the product has to be delivered anywhere out of India, we suggest you to opt for delivery through sea, as the shipping costs are lower and maximise your satisfaction, though delivery through sea may take a longer time than other modes of delivery. The shipping charges may be different for different countries because of the difference in duties the respective countries levy on the products.

8) What about Customs, VAT and other duties? Does Pushiv Exports clear the items at customs?

We clear all our items at Custom. VAT and other local duties that apply in countries other than India shall be borne by the client.

9) Does Pushiv Exports allow the clients to visit its workshop to see how the work is done?

Yes! Of course, we welcome our clients to come and see our workshop anytime they want, you just have to drop in a mail to us or call us so that we can arrange a visit for you.

10) Does Pushiv Exports take care of the quality?

Yes we certainly do give the utmost priority to the quality in the making of our products. This is one thing that matters most to us.

11) Do you accept escrow?

Right now this facility can only be used if both the parties can agree on common terms.

12) I wish to order items of large volume and price. Do you provide wholesale rates?

Yes we do provide wholesale rates if you order products of high value, volume and number. Mail us your query and we shall get back to you with all the details.

13) Does Pushiv Exports allow customisation of products?

Yes we shall be glad to create an item according to your requirements. Just give us the design, shape and size and we shall make it for you.

14) Is Indian Marble stain resistant?

Yes it is. Don’t worry if you drop a soda or whiskey, wine, coffee or tea, it won’t stain the marble. It is totally washable with soap or a detergent. The white marble is translucent and the black and green marble is opaque. You can clean it with normal diluted soap water.


• The Photograph may be slightly different from the Actual item due to the lighting during the photo shoot or the monitor display.

• The making time of each article might vary if there is a natural calamity, political unrest in the respective area, or other external factors. All information shall be intimated to the client through e-mails, or through contact number provided to us. The client can also contact us through mails or through phone.

• All rights regarding the information are reserved with Pushiv Exports, prices of items are changeable without prior notice, please do contact us for more details.

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