Pushiv Exports is a family owned business. We have played a significant role in designing and fabricating some of the most intricate and stunning inlay designs for our distributers in India for two decades, after which our independent company was setup, and we decided to take our enterprise from strength to strength. Our professionalism and organised team work has been a real game changer in the business. We have been successful in spreading our wings of growth all over the globe, with our clients being in almost all the states in India and we have also to get a foot hold, all across the Euro Zone, the Scandinavian countries, the Middle East, the Australian continent, the USA, Latin America, etc.

We are firm believers that the sky is not the limit for us as we have been able to give the best in class service to our clients and we strongly commit ourselves in doing so in all our current and future undertakings. The work of art is not at all a joke and we have built a team of professionals that can work under any circumstances and meet the needs of our clients. Our company has become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of stone handicraft products in recent years. For art lovers we are the # 1 in the industry that can give you the desired products.

Our Vision

“Carving to Perfection”, as our tagline goes, our vision is to carve out phenomenal designs and create something memorable for our clients and for the generations to come all over the world.

Pietra Dura- The way it is done

The whole process results into the realisation of an incredible masterpiece that is made through rare skill that the artisans possess. This art is carried out by the same old technique and the tools that were used during the Mughal era and are still pretty much the same, as no modern machine can give as amazing results that the artisans do manually. We at Pushiv Exports intend and have by far managed to preserve the art in its most original form. This in fact is sort of an achievement for us because you might find many in the business that employ modern machinery to give shape to this art. The end result of course shall not be the same. The detailing that can be achieved through primitive, but useful tools cannot be done by any other form.

Each piece is designed very carefully by our artisans keeping in mind that something new and exquisite has to be created and fulfil the requirements given by the clients. The inlay process or Pachikari starts with artist drawing symmetric sections in the marble panel. This is done by Mughal Era tools. A sketch is been made on a scale of 1:1.

The drawing is made on a brass sheet, which is been shaped by a specialist to create the templates for each aspect of the design. When this is done, then the work is to pick and choose the semi-precious stones for the designed motifs.

Now, the plan is executed by a team of artists who is responsible for accomplishing a single phase of the entire process. It starts with the lapidary artisans shaping the chosen stones with the help of a manual tool, popularly known as the “Saan and the Kamaani”. A lot of precision is needed to carve the gem stones into beautiful motifs.

This is done by keeping the gems between the finger tips and scraped through the emery wheel, which is run manually using a rod of cane that is attached with a leather band. The magnificence of the hand and wheel coordination gives us the required shape of the gem stones.

This process can take from some weeks to a few years depending on the kind of project in hand. Once this is done the job is then given to the other artists who then set the gems to be inlaid in the marble. The carved gem stones are then arranged on the panel at the marked positions. They are then removed and put aside.

Now, with the help of the chisels the marble is been engraved with utmost care, so as to dig out grooves that match the size of the gem stones. It is not at all easy as the Indian marble is not easy to work with.

Special glue is then used to inlay the stones in their grooves. Finally to give the finishing touches to the product the marble then goes for the polishing. At last it then goes through the checking process after which the items become ready to be shipped to its rightful owner.

Home Accessories

We also manufacture, design and export general home accessories such as Bathroom Accessory, Kitchen Accessory, Garden Accessory, etc. We produce a vast variety of-

• Tables & Tableware

• Kitchen Accessories- Such as Cutlery, Mortar and Pestles, Trivets, Napkin Rings, etc.

• Bathroom Accessories

• Spa & Aroma Therapy Items- Such as Aroma Lamps, Aroma Wax/Oil Diffusers, Tart Warmer.

• Candle Holders, Candle Lamps, also Votives

• Reed Diffusers & Resin Burners.

• Sculpture, Animal Figures, Idols

• Tea, Coffee & Beer Coasters and Placemats.

• Business and Corporate Gifts, etc.

• Incense/ Cone Burners, Holders, Ash Trays.

Made To Order Products:

At our company we give our customers the luxury to provide us the desired design, shape, size of the item after which we will inlay the given design on marble or the product that has to be made in a certain way shall be customised according to the requirement of the client. This is done to give our clients absolutely exclusive products and we take great pride in this regard.

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